Capoeira Musical Instruments

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Capoeira Instruments played in the roda:

  • Berimbau – The most important instrument in capoeira. It leads the music and dictates what rhythm and what game is being played. The berimbau is a bowed instrument made up of three parts:
    1. Verga – biriba wood
    2. Arame – wire taken from a tire and struck with a Vaqueta (stick)
    3. Cabaça – hollowed out gourd, varies in size. There are three types of cabacas:
      • Gunga – Biggest in size
      • Medio – Medium size cabaca
      • Viola – smallest of berimbaus
  • Atabaque – Brazilian Drum
  • Pandeiro – Brazilian tambourine
  • Agogo
  • Reco-Reco
  • Caxixi

Different rhythms are played in capoeira, each rhythm determines the type of game that is played inside the roda.

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